Foglizzo Leather is always ready to collaborate with, inspire and be inspired by the creativity that surrounds us.


Leather can be a very challenging material to specify. With so many varieties, performance criteria, treatments and personalisation options, it’s common to be unsure of where to start.

For this reason, Foglizzo in a unique resource in the industry. Here, the creativity and vision of designers synthesizes with our experience and workmanship to form a powerhouse able to propel ideas into a reality.

From promptly providing available samples when you need to quickly assess your options, developing custom colours, textures and finishes that meet your project specifications, to final order quantity estimates and beyond—our customer service support is thorough and seamless to guarantee the success of any project you bring to us.

Foglizzo Project support

Our mission is to engineer innovative,
functional and beautiful solutions
through dynamic and creative partnerships with our clients.

Foglizzo Project support Foglizzo Project support

Foglizzo offers a comprehensive range of creative solutions for the design of interior spaces, including ready-to-wear leathers; exclusive collections developed with leading designers around the world; and Foglizzo’s Full Custom program that matches any colour reference—including hue, value and chroma—with any paint chip, fibre or textile sample, or even a Pantone reference.

Beyond colour matching, the Full Custom program includes access to a comprehensive library of embossing rolls and plates as well as a complete collection of textures. Our library is an incredibly unique resource that has accumulated over decades of in-house innovation, with something to satisfy any taste on the design continuum from traditional to contemporary. We are also ready to develop something wholly unique for your needs.

Creative design solutions, efficient production processes, personalised customer service and after-market support program are our core offerings to ensure a successful installation and satisfactory long-term performance.

The result is high-quality custom leather built with original design, time-tested craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology for any bespoke challenge brought to us, from private residences to superyachts, luxury cars to private jets and beyond.

Foglizzo Project support
Foglizzo Project support