This FAQ provides answers to common questions that tend to recur about leather.


How can I order Foglizzo leather?

To place an order, please contact (phone, fax or email) our Sales Agents and Showrooms.

Are samples available?

We offer a complete range of samples. Size varies according to the collections. Depending on client request, we can provide custom samples, please for more informations contact our Sales Agents and Showrooms.

How long does it takes to have a custom made sample?

For custom samples, most of the products require 2-6 weeks to be delivered. Our Sales Agents and Showroomss will give you more details during the development.

What is the minimum order quantity?

1 hide minimum, for some products extra charge might be applied below 30 Sq. m. (320 Sq. ft.).

When my order is placed, how long will it take to get delivered?

A the time of the order confirmation, you will receive a projected delivery date.


What are my delivery options and is it possible to get an estimate on cost and delivery?

We work on ex-works sales conditions, therefore you can organize a pick up with your favorite currier or ask to our staff for a quotation on delivery

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship globally. Duties and extra charges could be applied for certain countries.

Cancellations and returns

What if I need to change or cancel an order?

You can change or cancel orders for only certain product families, upon approval. Some charges may be applied. For more detail refer to our Sales Conditions.

Can I return a product?

We accept returns only for Classic leather ranges, and require prior approval. Some charges may be applied. For more detail refer to our Sales Conditions.


What are the size of the hides?

Foglizzo leather is sold by the square meters and square foot. Since leather is a natural material, each hide size is unique. Please, refer to the Technical Sheet available in each family collection page for all the necessary details.

What size increments are available?

We only sale by hide, therefore the multiple of each product is the average hide size.

If I need “x” amount of “usable” leather, what quantity I should order?

Each project is unique, your upholster should be able to indicate the exact amount of product for your needs.

How much overage is expected?

We will limit the overage to ± 10% of the confirmed ordered quantity.

Is there consistency in color between dye lots?

Foglizzo leather is a natural product variation in color, tone, thickness and texture are part of the beauty of this material. Full aniline leather will have a higher variations between dye lots, while semi-aniline leather are more consistent in color and uniformity. For those reasons we recommend a Cutting for Approval (CFA).

How is Foglizzo leather maintained and cleaned?

Foglizzo leather is a natural product that thanks to little routine maintenance will help preserve its beauty and last a lifetime.
Suede, nubuck and aniline leathers have little or no protective surface coating, which means they require special care. A pigmented (protected) leather on the other hand is more robust.
Foglizzo offers a complete suite of leather care products. The collection of products includes cleaners specifically formulated to help clean and protect the finest natural and finished leathers. Please refer to our Leather Care section for further details.

Why do i have to have a custom made leather?

Our Custom Leather Program allows you to develop a specific product that matches your aesthetic characteristic as well your technical requirements. The uniqueness of the custom product represents its inner biggest value.

What is the process of making a custom made leather?

For the Custom Leather Process please refer to this page for the detailed description.

Is it possible to create my own pattern?

Yes, we can support you with multiple techniques on order to obtain a specific result.

What is an embossing plate What is the average size?

Embossing refers to the creation of an impression of some kind of design, decoration, lettering or pattern on the leather surface. The plates are pressed against the surface under high pressure to leave an imprint. The pressing raises the surfaces adding a new dimension to the object.

Embossing is an elegant process that changes the nature of the material that has been embossed.

Most of our embossing plates are 100 x 130 cm (30 x 50 inches). We have also different sizes, please verify before ordering.

Where does the leather come from?

Most of our leather comes from Europe as byproduct of the beef industry. We prefer to use bull hides for our top of the range products.

What is the thickness of a hide?

Most of our leathers have average thickness of 1-1.2mm (inches), but each family nay vary. For more details, please refer to our Technical Sheets included in each product page.

Why leather is sustainable?

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue in the leather industry. The leather is a byproduct, the production process produce 20% less on CO2 than any other faux leather, the latest improvements are focused on reducing energy and water requirements, making more efficient use of chemicals, largely based on renewable raw materials and which do not use substances with critical toxicological properties. In general the production process uses far fewer chemicals than producing synthetic materials such as vinyl and fabrics. Also, leather is a much more durable product than most most fabrics, reducing replacement costs. Furthermore leather does not require harsh cleaning agents.

How durable is leather?

It’s important to understand the difference between durability and ageing. Think about a leather jacket: it will last forever, getting charme over the time. This finish that leather develops over time is called “patina”, a soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather, imparting a character, a personality to the product. It is like an indelible stamp of ownership, a coat of arms – unique for every user.
Patina is the art of graceful ageing, because leather wears the story of its age and environment.

Leather can last about 5 times longer than fabric. As general rule, aniline leather is more durable but ages faster, while semi-aniline and pigmented leather is less durable but ages slower.

Leather Glossary

What is a full grain leather?

Full grain leather (known also as top grain leather) refers to the upper section of a hide in which only the hair has been removed, preserving the grain layer that gives each type of leather its distinctive appearance. The hides have not been sanded, buffed or corrected, the grain remain in its natural state which will allow greater durability, breathability, better wearability and will develop a natural “patina” over time. Only the best raw hides can be used to create full grain leather, generally used for the finest leather furniture. Full grain leather is available in two finishes: aniline and semi-aniline.

What is a corrected grain leather?

Corrected grain leather is made from full grain leather, but its surface has been sanded, buffed or corrected (otherwise known as snuffed) in order to remove any imperfection. Artificial grain and solid pigment are applied to hide corrections or imperfections. Corrected grain leather is available in two finish types: semi-aniline and pigmented.

What does aniline leather mean?

For Foglizzo aniline leather is the purest form of leather, produced from Full Grain Leather and is considered the very best quality as only the best quality hides are selected to produce it, it is therefore the most natural looking of all leathers, with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible.

Aniline leather has been dyed by immersion (through-dyed) in a bath with non toxic dyes and has not received any coating of pigmented finis. The finish is completely transparent, so that the original grain surface can be seen through the finish completely unhindered by any pigment particles. Aniline leather fades over time as the dyes are affected by UV rays and is easily affected by body oils due to its absorbent nature.

What is semi-aniline leather?

Semi-aniline leathers are dyed in vats with aniline dyes that penetrate throughout the hide so that the color goes all the way through the hide.

Semi-aniline leather is more durable than aniline whilst still retaining a natural appearance. The increased durability is provided by the application of a light surface coating which contains a small amount of pigment to the top of the hide to guarantee a consistent color on the top surface of the hide. This ensures consistent colour and imparts some stain resistance.

What is a nubuck hide?

Nubuck is aniline dyed leather which has been lightly abraded on the grain surface to create a velvety finish or nap. In some cases the grain pattern is still visible. The nap is very fine because of the tight fibre structure in the grain layer.

What is suede?

Suede is a split leather which has been abraded to create a distinctive nap. The nap can vary in appearance but is not as fine as the nap on nubuck because of the looser fibre structure.

How can I choose the right type of leather?

Each leather appeals to a different customer. When selecting the leather that is right for a project, the context and intended use should be taken into consideration. In general, pure aniline leathers or nubuck are the softest, silkiest options available, but they will also scratch and are susceptible to fading and staining. Semi-aniline leathers have a harder, firmer surface due to the topical treatments. These leathers are the easiest to maintain and keep clean, but they are not usually as soft.

Other leather products

Can you do leather floors?

Yes, we have a standard range of leather tiles but we can also develop full custom shapes, sizes, color, finish, embossing and more. Our standard range includes soft leather tiles and floor leather tiles, for more informations please check our Leather Tiles page.

If I need leather panels or flooring, is there someone who can install it for me?

Yes, we have experienced installation team to suggest you in most of the territories. Please contact our Sales Agents and Showrooms for further informations.

Do you make leather objects?

FLG (Foglizzo Leather Goods) is our division dedicated to finished leather goods. Please visit to dedicated website to discover the different typologies of products available, from home accessories to desk sets, hôtellerie supplies and equipment, corporate gifts, bags and baggage and more.

Do you make bespoke objects?

Yes, our divisions FLG and Atelier can support you to develop a full custom design and manufacture. Expert artisans will help to translate your requirements into beautiful bespoke objects. Please contact our Sales Agent for further details.