FIRST CLASS TREATMENT | FOGLIZZO 1921. Italian Custom Leather
Foglizzo 1921 - Italian Custom Leather


Advanced technolgies for leather to meet the rigorous requirements of the aviation industry.

Hides that undergo the Foglizzo First Class treatment are engineered to provide advanced flame retardant properties required by stringent aviation industry performance tests. To guarantee the best technical and aesthetic performance of the leather, all First Class treatments are permanently bonded to the material so that leather’s look, feel and performance are preserved throughout its life.

Foglizzo Leather First-Class Treatment

The First Class treatment retains the natural look and feel of the leather while complying the main international fireproof standards.

Non-flammable bovine, crocodile and sole leathers, which comply with leading international fireproof standards, are well-suited for public environments, private and commercial aeronautics and commercial transports.

A dedicated team of experts work in partnership with our clients to meet every need and develop the right solution for any project.

Flame retardant
Fire resistant
Aviation interiors
Transportation interiors
Ceiling covering
Wall covering
Compliance tests
First Class is flame-resistant in accordance with:
UNI 8456/FAR“a” and FAR“b”
Jar 25853
UNI VF 9175
IMO 653
DIN 5510
BS 6853
Other standards on request.