AUTOMOTIVE TREATMENT | FOGLIZZO 1921. Italian Custom Leather
Foglizzo 1921 - Italian Custom Leather


Leading technology for beautiful yet highly durable leather required by the automotive industry.

Foglizzo has a long history as a supplier of high quality leather for antique car restorations. In the recent decades has evolved into a premium automotive leather supplier where exceptional craftsmanship blends with leading technology to produce the beautiful yet highly durable leather required by automotive clients.

Our custom Automotive regiment ensures technical performance on par with the most stringent industry testing standards, which include rubbing, tearing, fogging, wear and ageing, to name a few. Additionally, our automotive leather is submitted to proofing against oil and water, and the Thermo Leather™ treatment, reducing absorbed energy by 60% when exposed to a light source such as the sun.

Foglizzo Leather

The Foglizz0 leather collection includes original embosses from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, used by most of the car manufactures, a unique resource for restores and amateurs of antique cars.

Our cumulative experience has allowed us to build what has become one of the world’s largest leather libraries, including original embossings used by most automotive companies from the 20s through the 50s. Additionally, we can produce an alternative finish, texture and treatment, as well as match any colour or even create a custom pigment. You can complete your leather with an embossing designed to enhance the its grain surface.

Whether your project demands a custom piece or in stock product, whatever the aesthetic or technical requirements, our team supports your vision even for a single hide order.

Optional finishes
Laser Etching
Lamination options
Logo embossing
Multiple perforation systems
Multi-colored effects
Metallic surface enhancement
Distressed, pinching applications
Tipping/cloud styling options
Automotive interiors
Car restorations
Transportation interiors
Motor bikes
Compliance tests
DIN 75201
EN 14288
ISO 17071
Other standards on request.