ACOUSTIC TREATMENT | FOGLIZZO 1921. Italian Custom Leather
Foglizzo 1921 - Italian Custom Leather


Optimal performances for acoustic projects as wall panels or speakers.

Leather is a dense material that tends to reflect sound waves rather than absorb them. However, micro-perforations allow for the manipulation of this quality to varying degrees. In fact, Acoustic leather tiles can be 4 to 6 times more effective in sound absorption than traditional fabric-covered walls, offering a more sophisticated, distinctive appearance and superior acoustic properties.

Developed in collaboration with Squarciapino Acoustic Engineering, Acoustic is one of our exclusive micro-perforated products: it offers optimal performance for phono-absorbent panels.

Foglizzo Leather Acoustic Treatment

The Acustic leather promotes an overall sense of well-being and a physical feeling of comfort.

The surface of any Foglizzo leather may be perforated with a regular matrix of holes, adding an appealing visual and textural element, or, when working through the Foglizzo Full Custom program, with a unique pattern.

Acoustic leather guarantees high sound absorption for medium and high frequencies, promoting an overall sense of well-being and a physical feeling of comfort.

Sound proof
Dust proof
Fire resistant
Water proof
Wall covering
ceiling covering
Audio system
Theatre, conference room
Compliance tests
Fire resistance
Tear resistance
Scratch resistance
Heat insulation
Wet resistance