Foglizzo LEATHER TILES | FOGLIZZO 1921. Italian Custom Leather
Foglizzo Leather Tiles
Foglizzo Leather Tiles


A creative alternative for surfaces

Foglizzo Leather Tiles bring together luxury and art by combining exclusive natural leather with the artistic elements of mosaic tiles. This solution for walls, floors, ceilings and stairs represents a perfect synthesis between function and emotion.

Leather suppress sounds and adds a warm, luxurious feel to the room, it becomes the indisputable protagonist of any interior design: hotel, spa, wellness center, offices, showroom even in nautical and aeronautical environments. Leather floors are tougher than people think: their abrasion resistance is comparable to that of cork or linoleum flooring. The virtually unlimited combinations of colors, shapes, and tiles dimensions allow for truly custom applications for floors, stairs and walls.

Adaptable to different surfaces, thanks to a special support that provides flexibility and softness, the Foglizzo Leather Tiles not only provide an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, but thanks to intrinsic properties of the leather, guarantee a whole sense of well-being: water-repellent, flame retardant, acoustic insulation.

The tiles are available in a wide range of colors and textures from stock or can be customized combining colors and different kind of leather with shapes or with suggested patterns. A further customization provides laser etched or embroidered logos, various leather grains, embossed decorations and also a variety of different perforating patterns.



Foglizzo Leather Tiles provides 4 collections of stardard shapes, available in different sizes, finishings and leather types. These basic tiles guarantee exceptional and unlimited design flexibility to create unique leather walls and floors.

Foglizzo Leather Tiles Fibonacci


Nature, music, architecture: everything that fascinates us finds its harmony thanks to mathematics, thus the Fibonacci collection born: the perfect elegance.

Foglizzo Leather Tiles Moresco


Mediterranean and Middle Eastern atmospheres inspire the Moresco collection. Perfect hexagon are repeated in endless modules to create harmonious symmetry.

Foglizzo Leather Tiles Losangee


The lozenge, typical Italian and French decoration, is ideal to create cozy and refined environments, thanks to the extreme flexibility of installation and color combinations.

Foglizzo Leather Tiles Groove


Irregular shapes merge in perfect union. From minimalism to pop, the Foglizzo Leather Tiles suggest a personal and exclusive style.


Foglizzo Leather Tiles can be used for residential environments as well for retails and commercial spaces, such as executive offices, conference rooms, reception areas, theatres and showrooms.

Foglizzo Leather Floor Tiles


Leather tiles add warmth and beauty to the room while creating a truly unique space with impressive floor.

Foglizzo Leather wall tiles


Leather tiles create a luxurious environment that is both warm and welcoming to the touch and the smell, surrounding you with a subtle, inviting aroma. Leather tiles help absorb sound, making them an excellent choice for boardrooms, screening rooms, libraries, dens and bedrooms.

Foglizzo Leather wall tiles


Leather tiles for ceiling create a stunning environment. Their versatility allows interiors to be either contemporary or traditional.

Foglizzo Leather Ceiling Tiles
Foglizzo Leather Door Tiles


Doors or panels decorated with leather tiles add an luxurious accent to the environment, bringing character to any room. The leather tiles are also naturally fire retardant.

Foglizzo Leather Panel Tiles
Foglizzo leather Headboard Tiles


Leather tils for headboards is not only a practical solution but introduce in the bedroom a warm, cozy feeling.

Foglizzo Leather Staircase Tiles


Leather tiles for staircase are not only beautiful to look at, creating a timeless design, but also functional, providing a natural grip on the surface.

Foglizzo Leather Staircase Tiles


As early as the XIVth century, leather was used in lieu of wood as a warm flooring option in European castles. In the XVIIth century leather wallpaper became fashionable in artistically progressive cities such as Florence and Venice in Italy.

Cuir de Cordoue, or cordovan leather is painted and gilded (and often embossed) leather hangings, manufactured in panels and assembled for covering walls as an alternative to tapestry. Originated from North Africa and introduced to Spain in the early IXth century, the Cordovan leather flourished in the XVIth century in France and then in Amsterdam, where it reach its highest quality. The Dutch cordovan leather was exported in all Europe even China and Japan.