FULL CUSTOM PROGRAM | FOGLIZZO 1921. Italian Custom Leather

Full Custom Process

When working with a handcrafted good, the Foglizzo Full Custom program is a creative playground for designers. Here, one can blend traditional with contemporary, experiment with size, number, colour and leather type.

Since 1921, Foglizzo Leather has honed our technical skills alongside the ability to understand and meet our clients’ most sophisticated requirements. Because of this history, an ingrained capability for engineering bespoke leather hides that surpass expectations is at the very heart of Foglizzo.

Our design process is one-of-a-kind, completely tailored to express our clients’ unique design styles.

The Brief

First, we listen to the client’s creative vision, as well as identify specific needs, technical requirements and expectations to develop a comprehensive project brief.


Inspiration & Research

Our approach to a new project depends entirely on the client’s project, but research is always an essential component of the design process. We often assemble a moodboard to effectively focus efforts and to communicate our concept.


Design proposals

Once the concept is decided, multiple solutions are discussed and developed in collaboration with the client through media such as hand sketches and computer models. From these, the optimal solution is selected for testing.


Test & Development

Test samples are produced and submitted to the client for feedback, which is absolutely critical at this stage. Through constant collaboration, we refine, test and improve until the product is perfect. Rigorous testing is conducted on each iteration to verify adherence to the project brief’s requirements.


The final product

Once a sample has been approved, it enters the first production phase of many. Strict checks and controls at each step ensure the best quality all the way through. Special requests, while welcomed, may require longer production time.


Catalogue & Shipment or Installation

After every custom project, a piece of the new leather is archived into what has become an essential reference database for future projects.

When it’s time to package and ship, Foglizzo’s deep understanding of the unique demands of quality leather transport ensures the hide arrives in perfect condition. If needed, an installation support service is available.


After care

As a natural product, leather requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Foglizzo provides premier leather care products and information.

Full Custom inspiration


With Foglizzo, a wide variety of personalisation techniques are at your fingertips. Laser cutting, stamping and custom colourings are just a few ways your personal aesthetic is brought quite literally to the surface.

Full Custom Color

Custom Colors

Match any color sample with the highest degree of accuracy.

Full Custom embossing


A pattern is pressed into the lather surface to add a visual and tactile layer.

Full Custom Cutting

Custom Cutting

A variety of shapes or patterns can be obtained via die or lasercut.

Full Custom Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

This technology allows to realize complex decorations with the highest precision.

Full Custom Perforation

Custom Perforating

A regular matrix of holes in leather surfaces to enhance the functionality or just the aesthetic.

Full Custom Stitching

Stitching & Quilting

Hand stitching or state-of-the-art sewing machines guarantee the best performance

Full Custom Painting


The leather can be decorated with a large variaty of pigments to achieve a sophisticated look.

Full Custom Embroidery


A unique service to create a truly bespoke design. The latest computerized embroidery machines can produce astonishing decors.

Full Custom Treatments


Customisation is not limited to design. If you specify for a demanding environment or simply want to enhance your leather’s natural resilience, mix-and-match, customisable treatments are available:

Thermo Leather

Thermo Leather™ reduces absorbed light energy by 60%, significantly lowering the hide’s temperature when exposed to the sun.

H2O Leather

H2O is excellent for outdoor leather by permanently repelling dirt and moisture.

First Class Leather

First Class provides advanced flame retardant propertie.

Automotive Leather

Automotive ensures technical performance on par with the most stringent automotive industry testing standards.

Ultimate Leather

Ultimate enhances the performances of the leather for demanding indoor and outdoor spaces.

Acoustic Leather

Acoustic guarantees high sound absorption for medium and high frequencies throught micro-perforations.