Foglizzo 1921 - Italian Custom Leather


Foglizzo offers a complete selection a special leathers which continues to grow.
This family includes a wide range of leathers with a high content of creativity, special finishes, craftsmanship value or technological manufacturing. You can find also exotics skins and some of the most prized kind of leathers.

Each proposal respects our high standards in quality and manufacturing to meet customer requirements.

Foglizzo Decorative Collection Sole Leather

Au Naturel

This is leather at its purest essence. From lambskin to nubuck, from parchment to haired, the epitome of natural looking leather.

Foglizzo Decorative Collection Nubuck

The Exotics

Leather skins from all around the world, to add an authentic exotic touch to any interior project.

Floglizzo Decorative Collection Python
Floglizzo Decorative Collection Crocodile


The sumptuous soft surface of Foglizzo Suede combined with a specific process to produce outstanding effects.

Foglizzo Leather Decorative Collection Perforated
Foglizzo Leather Decorative Collection Oyster


(coming form the Latin for surfaces)

An extensive collection of special surface finishings to impart a tailored appearance to any environment.


Hand woven leather creating distinctive and unique patterns: a sophisticated solution for a variety of upholstery applications which infuses character and depth.

Foglizzo Leather Decorative Collection Welt&Braided
Foglizzo Leather Decorative Collection Welt&Braided


An evergrowing selection of welt and braided leather cording, often used as trim for furniture, cushions, pillows and more. A simple detail which adds personality and charm.

Foglizzo Leather Decorative Collection Welt&Braided