ATELIER Foglizzo | FOGLIZZO 1921. Italian Custom Leather
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Traditional techniques retrieved from Italian heritage blended with innovative technologies

Atelier Foglizzo’s primary focus is developing fresh, innovative expressions of leather to answer the demand for meaningful creations in which quality, creativity and authenticity are essential.

With diligence and a discerning artist’s eye, our craftsmen carefully cultivate the best of our resonant Italian heritage into entirely original constructs. Their passion allows Atelier to continually create distinctive leatherwork, each detail an indication of artful precision.

Atelier Foglizzo Embossed Leather
Atelier Foglizzo Parchment Engraved by laser

Atelier’s core values — exploring unknown territories, developing novel processes and shaping a new genre of craft products — reveal and promote the more elusive qualities of leather.

This is where art and culture, innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship blend to create authenticity, superior quality and beautiful design.

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A heritage retrieved from Italian and European artisans is reinterpreted through a contemporary eye: these are the collections developed by Atelier Foglizzo.

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Atelier Foglizzo parchment


Crafting goods from parchment can involve many intricate steps, including tracing the required pattern with white or coloured ink, embossing to create a raised effect, stippling, perforating, colouring and cutting. Parchment craft is often seen in lamp shades, small decorative boxes, wall hangings and more.

Atelier Foglizzo Embossed Leather


For each unique embossing, custom metal plates are crafted and detailed. Once pressed onto the leather, the pattern adds a rich and elegant tactility. Surface treatments based on pigmented natural waxes, application of gold and silver leaves, coating by paint and natural oils enhance the beauty of the patterns.

Atelier Foglizzo Shagreen Exotic leather


Exotics skins are made from materials which are difficult to find and craft, and can turn a common item or application into something special and exclusive. Atelier Foglizzo transforms the world’s finest exotic leathers into beautifully hand crafted artworks that embody elegance, grace and style.

Atelier Foglizzo Handwoven leather


Breathe new life into the long-esteemed technique of hand weaving by using handmade leather. Only artisans who are masters of their craft can transform leather into a hand-woven piece of art.

Atelier Foglizzo Contemporary leather


Contemporary is a selection of artworks which utilize different techniques and technologies like laser cutting, layering, embroidery, 3D printing and different materials in conjunction with the leather, creating a 21st century aesthetic for upholstery applications.

Atelier Foglizzo Painted leather


Natural leather and parchment are excellent media for painting. Their characteristic rich colour becomes an ideal backdrop for artistic works whether you're working with oil, latex or water paints.

Atelier Foglizzo laser engraving leather


Both the traditional technique of engraving by fire and contemporary decorative laser cutting allow highly decorative motifs to be etched into leather, with the possibility of pictorial enhancements.


Atelier Foglizzo's focus on innovation results in products that are authentic, creative and quality. These exceptional pieces enhance interiors by adding unique visual texture and value to their environment.

The range of applications is wide, the imagination is the only limit to what can be created. Visit the dedicated website for more info.
Atelier Foglizzo paneling applications leather


Leather panels add warmth and beauty to the room while creating a truly unique space with impressive floor, ceiling and wall design options. Each panel is bespoke to meet whatever the needs of your space. Of the many possible applications, favorites include walls, floor tiles, ceilings, doors, headboards and boiseries.

Atelier Foglizzo cabinet leather applications


Bespoke cabinetry is one of the best ways to add beauty, function and value to a room. The Atelier offers a wide selection of styles, materials and innovative design options to customise any piece in your home. These leather details elevate your style, whether traditional or contemporary, by adding a touch of exclusivity.

Atelier Foglizzo cabinet leather applications


Use Atelier leathers to embellish your furniture with small details, or use whole panels for more impactful features. Current options are rooted in the tradition of the decorative arts but bring a bold, contemporary aesthetic depending on the request.

Atelier Foglizzo furnishing applications leather
Atelier Foglizzo cabinet leather applications


Atelier leathers are a great choice for handcrafting special pieces for your home or to gift. The range is endless: special boxes, lamps, frames, board games or any small household item. Each piece is characterised by attention to detail, sophisticated taste and impeccable quality. A team of expert craftsman will transform any design into a a valued one-of-a-kind piece.

Atelier Foglizzo cabinet leather applications
Atelier Foglizzo paneling applications leather


Light-diffusing walls and partitions can be of incredible benefit in office and home spaces. They complement the space, deliver a touch of style and functionality, and enable an open-plan feel to a room. Foglizzo Atelier materials can bring a truly unique and high-end solution to create interiors with unique style.

We love tradition but we’re not traditional.