Foglizzo Leather Goods

Leather objects handcrafted by expert Italian masters to reach excellent quality.

With Foglizzo Leather Goods, we challenge ourselves to design and handcraft exceptional products characterised by the best Foglizzo leather, artful engineering and enduring form, symbolizing ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship at its best.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted by expert Italian artisans who combine time-honoured and sophisticated techniques to ensure precision and superlative quality. Each FLG product is an expression of our genuine passion, integrity and pursuit of excellence with the purpose of creating an outstanding object with enduring design.


A collection of handmade leather accessories to set the table in any kind of occasion with simple and elegant design.


Handmade luxury accessories to embellish every room with fine leather items.


A selection of leather accessories, handmade in Italy, designed to make cosier and more functional your bathroom.


Hand-crafted by skilled artisans, this collection of contemporary cushions is made with carefully selected leather and nubuck.


Fine leather items, handcrafted by skilled Italian artisans to organize spaces in your home.


A collection of handmade leather accessories to furnish a desktop, office or any environment you need, with classic and elegant design.


A range of classic games including Bridge, Chess and Backgammon are handmade by our master craftsmen in complementary and vibrant colours of the finest quality leathers in a wooden box frame.


Cases and covers for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and MacBook Air in a wide range of shapes and leathers to protect high tech devices in style.


A selection of exclusive accessories, expertly crafted with timeless aesthetics, both modern and functional, for today’s globetrotters.


Via Forlì, 164
10149 Torino - ITALY
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