Foglizzo Leather and Chris Bangle
Foglizzo Leather and Chris Bangle
Foglizzo Leather and Chris Bangle
Foglizzo Leather and Chris Bangle
When Chris met Audrey

A one of a kind piece of art is born “When Chris Bangle meets Audrey”: LUXURY LIVING’s iconic armchair (FENDI Casa collection) in collaboration with FOGLIZZO fine leather.

Foglizzo, Luxury Living and Chris Bangle Associates have joined forces to create a unique piece of art design to support a those in need.
This one and only design will be available for purchase through Charity Stars, the premier online charity auction platform. All proceeds will go to the Croce Rossa Italiana (Italian Red Cross) to help those still suffering from the Abruzzo earthquake in 2016.

Chris Bangle at Foglizzo
Chris Bangle working on Audrey armchair at Foglizzo

The official unveiling will take place on April 6th 2017 at Fendi Casa’s flagship store in via Montenapoleone 3, Milan.

Chris Bangle will be our guest at the opening presentation at 6:30 pm, at which time the Audrey armchair will immediately be put up online for auction.

“Experience has taught me that it takes strong commitments to challenge dogmas with inspiration and direct creativity with visionary courage, to make design and a design culture great”
– Chris Bangle
Chris Bangle at Foglizzo
Chris Bangle collaborates with Foglizzo

Chris Bangle Associates s.r.l. is a Design and Design Management Consultancy focused on the products and ideas that move the world - physically or emotionally.
Not just "planes, cars, ships and things that go": everything today can be designed with passion, innovation and love.

Chris Bangle is best known for his tenure as Chief of Design for the BMW group, where he was responsible for bringing the designs of the BMW, Mini Cooper, and Rolls Royce into the twenty-first century.

Today, as the managing Director of Chris Bangle Associates s.r.l. (known as CBA, founded in 2009), Chris Bangle leads a team of designers and engineers, who, together with the Associates from the CBA clients, use the Borgata as a hybrid "Studio/Design Residency". The open spaces and beautiful vineyards around the Borgata encourages the imagination; every year Bangle and his colleagues create large art pieces to add to the environs.

Luxury Living Group is the luxury furniture and homeware company founded by Alberto Vignatelli that develops, produces and distributes furniture collections for some of the world’s most celebrated brands. Attention to detail, exquisite craftsmanship along with innovative technology, use of the finest materials, a large variety of finishes and the limitless prospects offered by customising the pieces, meant that a loyal community of clients and partners was built up over the past 40 years all over the world.

luxury living collaborates with Foglizzo
Luxury Living Fendi Casa Audrey armchair

Luxury Living Group’s brand portfolio is one of the largest in the furniture industry and continuously evolves. The Fendi Casa collection celebrates the Roman Maison codes, while the Bentley Home is inspired by the British luxury car company, among the others Trussardi Casa, the Heritage Collection, the Signature Collection designed by Paul Mathieu, the Bugatti Home collection, the Ritz Paris Home Collection and the new Hevolution Collection.

Today Luxury Living Group has over 300 worldwide dealers and partners and 10 directly owned showrooms located in some of the world’s most strategic cities such as Milan, Paris, London, Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

Foglizzo, Luxury Living and Chris Bangle Associates have joined forces to create a unique piece of art design that will be put up for for auction on line through Charity Stars, the premier on line charity auction platform for beneficence.

All auction proceeds will go to the Croce Rossa Italiana for the Abruzzo earthquake emergency fund.



A few sketches to fix the guidelines. It is always fascinating to watch how great design is born and develops.

Chris Bangle for Foglizzo


We had the live opportunity to watch the creative process unfold. This has been an exciting experience in which imagination, creativity and design flows naturally.

Chris Bangle for Foglizzo


Chris Bangle was challenged by Foglizzo’s vast leather collection. His conviction to pay homage to an icon guided the selection process among thousands of different options.

Chris Bangle for Foglizzo


Foglizzo’s expert artisans show their exceptional skills to convey the designer’s vision into a piece of art.